Beaches and bays in Costa Blanca

With its 22 kilometers, Costa Blanca is one of the principal touristic destinations of the Mediterranean. Its coast attracts any kind of visitors, offering them Sandy beaches with any kinf of services, but also rocky bays and hidden paradises. Many of their beaches have a blue flag and the hot climate in the region with an average of 18º annually, allows you to enjoy them all year long.

Nature in Costa Blanca

What makes Costa Blanca unique is that it’s not only about the sea and the beaches. The coast is protected up to its interior with numerous mountains, mountain ranges and two very important natural parks: Peñon de Ifach and Montgó, between Dénia and Jávea. It disposes of important coast reserves and authentic submarine paradises too, for those who love diving and snorkeling.

A place with a unique charm, from which you can enjoy its views and its impressive panoramic aspects of the sea and the mountains.

Sports in Costa Blanca

In Calpe and the rest of Costa Blanca the active tourism has increased during the last years, offering all kind of activities related to the nature, like hiking, climbing, diving, sailing, windsurfing and much more.

Sports related to the sea are those who attract most of the tourists and actually one of the principal attractions. It is about nautical sports, like snorkeling, kayak, paddle surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing, not to mention Costa Blanca’s wide offer in sports ports and nautical stations too.

Costa Blanca disposes also of numerous mountain paths, adapted to any kind of tourists and levels, from the easiest to high-level paths and risky activities, such as bungee jumping or canyoning.

Gastronomy in Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is a place to taste above all. From the sea to the mountains, you can discover the smells and tastes of this magic land. Among its traditional dishes, we can stick out the paella and all the varieties of rice (soupy rice, sweet rice, rice in the oven…). Fish and shellfish is also an ingredient really important in the local gastronomy, heritage of its fishing past, always accompanied by wines of the regions, such as the muscatel or its white wines.

Culture in Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is an expert in demonstrating its history, its arts, its parties and its heritage as a sign of the high value of the culture. The cultural offer of the region is really extended and every city offers different attractions, with monuments of great interest for the tourists, in addition to the most beautiful historical castles in Spain. During summer, many of the Costa Blanca cities host their best galas to celebrate their traditional festivities and that’s a perfect opportunity to learn the tradition and customs of the region.

Golf in Costa Blanca

Thanks to its excellent weather conditions, Costa Blanca is the favorite destination for golf lovers. It dispose of a wide variety in golf fields, where you can exercise this sport during the whole year. Almost all of the clubs collaborate with academies and offer lessons to learn this sport or improve and make your capacities perfect. The installations offer any kind of services and you can find offers of quality hotels and complementary services to make your holidays perfect.

Summit of Peñon de Ifach

One of the Costa Blanca symbols is Peñón de Ifach, a magnificent calcareous mass of 332 meters of altitude, from which you can enjoy impressive views to Calpe and the Mediterranean. The path to the summit has two levels of difficulty. The first section leads to a simple tunnel and the rest of the route to the summit could be rated of an average to high-level difficulty. No matter your level for this one, you must visit the natural park, if you pass by the coast of Alicante.

The path to Sierra de Oltá

The Oltá mountain is a little mountainous elevation close to Calpe. It is an excellent point of view to the coast of the Marina, from Serra Gelada to Montgó and also the nearby mountain of Bernia. Its peak is on the 588 meters.